[ the moon drop ]
~ a designer release by timenotspace ~
welcome to the moon drop 🌑 a solo project by timenotspace , pushing the boundaries of design , XR , and immersive experiences
imagine drifting away into a vast digital realm , where the edges of reality are constantly in motion , and the impossible becomes the everyday

the moon drop is a testament to the transformative power of creativity , a nexus where art and technology are interwoven. it's an XR project , combining real and virtual environments to create new spaces where the physical and digital entities co-exist and interact in real-time

three 1/1 works of art listed for sale , and 1/333 editions made claimable ~ complete web3 integration

and there's more: an AR filter that brings the drop into your space , transforming your world

but the moon drop isn't confined to the screen, it leaps into the physical world with a luxury fashion line and bespoke collection of designer bags ~ each piece adorned with artistic elements crafted alongside the 1/1 video works and 333 edition pieces

this is not an average project drop ~

far beyond the typical project , this is a self-contained ecosystem in orbit. an invitation to engage with art in a new dimension. come , explore this unique lunar experience & let's redefine what's possible , together
explore an alternate reality with the moon drop, a release by timenotspace that integrates high fidelity digital art , high-end fashion , and high-tech AR/VR work

dive into the immersive 3D world and discover the sleek advanced aesthetic of the creator’s designer line that dropped with this project

use the [moon drop particles] filter on Instagram or TikTok today , and experience the future of digital art and fashion

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editions claim page: app.manifold.xyz/c/moon-drop-edition

👜 physical designer line: [ on the WRWC website ]

🌐 immersive 3D world:connected moon realm on Spatial.io ]

🔮 follow the creator: [ links of timenotspace here ]

🏯 our organization: [ learn more here ]

the moon drop:

[ explores the sleek advanced aesthetic of timenotspace through high fidelity 3D art, high tier XR, and immersive 3D world design ]

[ features a designer fashion line and luxury bags with deeply integrated high fidelity art corresponding to the three 1/1s and 333 edition pieces ]

[ incorporates a bespoke XR filter for an immersive and interactive art experience ]

[ showcases timenotspace's skills trailblazing in web3 across 3D rendering , fashion design , and XR integration ]

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