~ Embers In The Snow ~
[ a sonic voyage crafted by timenotspace x Raja The Tiger , a story told in two parts , a commemorative piece for the A-bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki , 1945 ]

each note , each beat , a tribute to those lost , a call to remember , to reflect , and to heal

first part , respect for the past. second part , hope for the future. this isn't just music , it's a message 🔥❄️

[ two songs , two unique Tiger Token collectibles , a visionary VR sculpture , original 1/1 audiovisual NFTs ]

[ a tribute to the beauty of humanity in all its diversity , a testament to the transformative power of art ]

Embers In The Snow is far more than a typical music or art project , it's a journey , it's a call to action. come , join us in remembering the past , envisioning the future , and celebrating the beauty of now
[ Complete Multi-Scene 2-Song Masterwork , Visual Mix Performed Live by timenotspace ]
Witness the power of music and digital art in 'Embers in the Snow', a commemorative project by timenotspace and Raja The Tiger

This project honors the Green Legacy Hiroshima initiative, blending music, digital art, and our unique vision to offer a new type of immersive experience

Thank you ~ welcome to Who R We Collective. Find out more:

⛩️ join the community: https://why.whorwecollective.com/isamazing

✨ watch the Masterwork: https://youtu.be/4Bk6p-bN1fY

[ digital fine art renders by timenotspace ]
[ VR sculpture design by Raja The Tiger , lighting , materials , camera work , and art renders by timenotspace ]
[ Tiger Token Limited-Edition Integrated VIP Collectibles ]
[ nature and technology deeply interwoven in timenotspace tree , wind , & particle simulations ]
[ 4K 60fps high fidelity seamlessly-looping music visual works of 1/1 art ]
Two-part musical piece created by Raja The Tiger , visual collaboration with timenotspace

Commemorates the A-bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki in 1945

Includes two unique Tiger Token collectibles, a visionary VR sculpture, and original 1/1 audiovisual NFTs

Showcases timenotspace's advanced skills in Blender for 3D rendering and audiovisual synchronization

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