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i'm time , a creator specialized in crafting cutting-edge 5D art that blurs the boundaries between the real and digital worlds

with a fusion of advanced looping simulations , high fidelity renders , and bespoke audiovisual works , i strive to immerse you in multi-sensory experiences unlike any other

here , you'll find my unique blend of visual art and music , created using a plethora of technologies. i transform high-tier fashion and immersive music visuals into experiences that push unique & undefined boundaries

as part of my creative journey , i also share insights into my processes and techniques. from advanced simulation methods and procedural node trees to software and hardware explorations , i aim to bring you along on this journey of discovery and creation ~

thank you for joining me as we traverse new dimensions of experiences through the intersection of tech and art

join the conversation in our WRWC Discord community ~ we'd love to hear from you


this is a space where creativity , technology , & music converge
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