~ Genesis Project Ohayō! ~
" Ohayou-Gozaimasu "
a showcase: [ experience the unique visual language & music/visual synchronization skills of timenotspace ]

historically marked: [ the Complete Masterwork for this eternal genesis project by timenotspace x Raja The Tiger was minted to the Ethereum blockchain on 4/20/2021 , eternally & universally marking the dawn of a new era ]

multifaceted project: [ resulted in a complete two-song project with a series of unique, high quality audiovisual works of art, along with two song-based limited digital collectibles that we have empowered with broad integration across multiple networks ]

a new dawn: [ this genesis project marked the dawn of Who R We Collective as a next-gen creative organization in a class of its own ]

visual tools used: [ gravity sketch to craft the VR sculpture (by Raja The Tiger), blender for bespoke 3D, lighting, and camerawork, and resolume & synesthesia to mix the video renders live to music ]
experience the genesis of a unique journey with ‘Project Ohayō!’, a musical collaboration that invites you to transcend your reality

[ this immersive audiovisual experience combines 3D rendering, animation, and music production, allowing you to dive into a world of futuristic bass music and digital art ]

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🔮 [ Spotify Canvas Motion Cover Artwork ]
💠 [ Tiger Token Limited-Edition VIP Collectible ]
👁️‍🗨️ [ Ohayō! VR sculpture ~ custom materials , lighting , and camera work by timenotspace]
✨ [ Spotify Canvas Motion Cover Artwork ]
💠 [ Tiger Token Limited-Edition VIP Collectible ]
♾️ [ VR sculpture 4K digital art renders minted as 1/1 fine art NFTs ]
🎶 [ Original Art Marketing Content ]

💠 Find out more about the Tiger Token VIP Collectibles here! [ timenotspace will add a link here once the Tiger Token portfolio page is completed as well ]​​​​​​​
📜 article about the project: [ On Our Website Here ]
🖼️ & select physical art prints and tapestries listed on our [ Art & Decor ] page

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