[ timenotspace editions ] release 1
" geometric abstract lunar lightscape "
[ limited-edition work by timenotspace combining high fidelity seamlessly-looping audiovisual art with unique a physical line ]

[ visual art crafted in Blender , looping audio crafted in Logic Pro ]

[ minted to the Ethereum blockchain in August 2022 , with 10% creator royalties ]

[ a total of 11 editions of the first work were made available for the most vigilant followers of timenotspace to mint free directly from the creator’s website ]

[ each work in this collection corresponds to a physical line of timenotspace designer apparel , art , & accessories , giving token holders access to exclusive physical pieces ]
step beyond the intersection of art and technology in [ timenotspace editions ] a groundbreaking series by the advanced creator. this unique project seamlessly blends high-quality endlessly looping audiovisual art with specially curated physical merchandise , representing an innovative fusion of the digital and physical worlds

the artwork in each edition is crafted with meticulous detail in Blender , creating a mesmerizing visual loop , while the accompanying audio loop is expertly composed in Logic Pro. this results in a captivating multisensory experience that truly immerses you in the creative vision of timenotspace

first minted to the Ethereum blockchain in August 2022 , the works in this collection not only represent digital assets , but also correspond to a line of exclusive designer apparel , artwork , & accessories in the physical world. by owning one of these limited-edition tokens , holders gain access to rare physical pieces , fostering an unprecedented ownership experience that transcends the digital plane

in the first launch of this collection , 11 editions of the initial artwork were made available for the most vigilant followers of timenotspace to mint directly from the creator's website for free. this initiative serves as a testament to the multifaceted nature of art in the digital age , and a pioneering effort in the NFT space

embrace the confluence of art and technology with timenotspace editions , and immerse yourself in a new dimension of creative reality.
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