~ Astral Era: Visuals ~
[ a timenotspace production ]
[ enter a new visual paradigm in the Astral Era: a project by timenotspace mixed live on a pixel wall in concert performance ]
[ each artistic element of this project tells a tale of triumph and perseverance, capturing the ascension of Who R We Collective. the Volcanic Mountaintop renders signify both the immense effort involved and the challenges overcome in the journey thus far ]
[ the ancient cosmic Crown-form , a VR sculpture of epic scale , symbolizes a grand vision for the future , acting as a generation ship & arcology in the mysterious lore of the collective ]
[ this project also highlights a significant milestone - the university graduation of Raja The Tiger. each piece of art was crafted by timenotspace with this celebratory energy , paying tribute to the collective's eternal & royal roots ]​​​​​​​
[ Astral Era isn't just a visual art project - it's a testament to the power of resilience , the joy of accomplishment , and the promise of the future ]
[ so welcome to the Astral Era: a dynamic visual art project by timenotspace ]

crafted for a live pixel wall performance at an EDC Indy / Outer Limits Festival event alongside Raja The Tiger , the project's visuals symbolize the triumphant ascent of Who R We Collective and the grand visions this unique global organization embodies for the future

from majestic mountain renders that represent the collective's hard-earned achievements , to the planetary scale VR sculpted Crown-form highlighting the W.R.W.C. legacy , each piece of the art carries a profound significance

[ explore these captivating visuals ~ and enjoy this celebration of resilience , triumph , and future possibility ]

🔮 [ connect with timenotspace: ] https://timenotspace.whorwecollective.com/connect

🏯 [ welcome to Who R We Collective: ] https://why.whorwecollective.com/isamazing
[ a showcase of timenotspace's expertise in creating immersive music visuals and ability to embed profound symbolic messages within art ]

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