[blade] by timenotspace
high fidelity simulation art pieces by timenotspace, digital swords for the digital future
unique identity and traits for each [blade] ~ 17 of each exist

perfect tools for digital fashion experiments and metaverse world-building work

[blade] owners gain access to the [blade owner badge] token, unlocking new level of interaction

badge includes ultra HD .png with alpha and metaverse-optimized .glb 3D file

the [blade] and its blademasters (art collectors) play critical role in future endeavors

the project allows access to secrets within the realms of Who R We Collective, granting the blademaster role and access beyond the timenotspace-portal to commune with others in this unique forum of creators

more [blade] art is on the way ~ and i will continue breaking boundaries, creating digital weapons that are both works of art and tools for new paradigms of interaction
step into the digital future with [blade] by timenotspace

each collectible [blade] features ultra high definition simulation-based art and integrates fluidly into digital fashion , metaverse world-building , avatar interaction , and more

like & subscribe , and welcome to Who R We Collective

[ blade owner badge ] primary implementation configurations

[ more timenotspace ]

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