[ Balance Token ] Geometrics

~ immersive digital art pieces , individually crafted 1/100 collectibles by timenotspace ~
[ each token is imbued with unique traits and characteristics, adding depth to the series ]

[ the Balance Token Geometrics are available as XR experiences on TikTok , and have already touched the lives of quite literally millions all around the world ]

[ tokens unlock access to hidden secrets within the Who R We Collective's diverse realms ]

[ holders benefit from an Eternal -10% across all lines of the collective ]

[ pieces act as keys to the timenotspace-portal within the WRWC Community Discord. this creator-driven forum houses open collaboration and promotes continued growth and exploration ]

[ the deeply-integrated and cross-experiential nature of the Balance Token collectibles is a testament to the creative skill and vision of timenotspace in the digital art sphere ]

find your balance with the Balance Token Geometrics ~ this integrated , ever expanding project by timenotspace combines high fidelity digital art, XR experiences, and exclusive utility across the branches of a multifaceted organization. each token corresponds to an individual chakra and offers unique benefits.

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☯ collect each Balance Token: https://opensea.io/collection/balancetoken

🏯 join our global community: https://why.whorwecollective.com/isamazing

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