[ sword of the loner ] [ sword of the sober ]
each sword was sculpted by timenotspace in a single session while listening through individual artists' albums [ when on vinyl , leaving VR only to flip the record ]

these two swords are bespoke VR sculptures which capture the musical aspect of their respective listening sessions in a unique 5D synesthetic capacity

after each listening session concluded , the freshly-sculpted mesh was then exported into Blender , where timenotspace crafted and refined procedural materials , and set up lighting , animation , & camera work for each piece

then the assorted renders were synchronized to music , mixed by timenotspace to a specific track that stood out from each listening / sculpting experience , in order best to convey the pure music visual essence of each particular experience

both are embedded here below 🌌

[ sword of the loner ] ~ Alison Wonderland ~ Loner
[ sword of the sober ] ~ Lil Peep ~ Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2

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