~ Beyond The Veil ~
[ a masterful creative expedition ]
[ art by timenotspace , showcasing my distinctive visual style and unique ability to create immersive audiovisual experiences ]

[ a unique music-visual collaboration project , Beyond the Veil was co-created by timenotspace , Raja The Tiger , and NeoTekka ]

[ original music piece by Raja The Tiger x NeoTekka , paired with custom timenotspace 3D landscape motion art ]

[ unique interactive element added with the Winter Veil Snow filter/effect/lens ~ available on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat ]

[ this XR experience , a designer work crafted by timenotspace , incorporates particle simulation , animation , & 3D art accents with advanced face & body tracking functionality ]

[ Beyond the Veil is not just a project , but a world of its own , inviting the audience to immerse , interact , explore , and feel ]
dive into the surreal with 'Beyond The Veil', a groundbreaking project that pushes the boundaries of perception and reality. this immersive journey intertwines advanced 5D art, high fidelity simulations, and custom audiovisual creations, inviting you to experience the unexplored dimensions of the digital realm

unearth the hidden layers of existence as you immerse yourself in this multi-sensory experience.  this unique collaboration between timenotspace and audio production legends Raja The Tiger and NeoTekka showcases a seamless interplay of sound, visuals, and technology.each piece within 'Beyond The Veil' is a gateway to our collective reality, bridging the gap between the tangible and the ethereal

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